Triple Tabletop Defender

– By QuWave
The QuWave Triple Tabletop Defender is our newest flagship product. Designed for the Most Powerful Protection for severely effected individuals who are under extreme conditions and are already received some benefits from our other Defender products, but find that they need something more powerful. The Triple Tabletop Defender is perfect for defence against serious electronic harassment, psychic/psychotronic attacks, voice-to-skull and more. This device not only helps TI’s with harassment but is also helpful for use in locations where EMF fields are a more problem.
The QuWave Triple Tabletop Defender generates a field in all directions with a diameter of about 300 feet. But the closer you are to the unit, the more you will be within its protective field. The unit can be used in a free-standing position and be placed on a desk, table, or a night table. It will operate in any orientation and generates a field of 360 degrees.


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