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EMF Radiation Protection is a shielding process of lowering the electromagnetic field in an area by barricading it with conductive or magnetic material. EMF Radiation Protection protects you from the harmful effects of EMFs to help you to be healthy and live well.





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You can be exposed to electromagnetic field exposure daily through; Electric fields, which include anything electric that has a voltage like the electrical outlets in your home, appliances, cell phones, WiFi, and equipment. Magnetic fields, which include anything with an electric motor, such as refrigerators, power meters, and even hair dryers.

EMF Radiation Protection Technology is designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data-transmitting electronics, such as cell phones, cordless phones, wireless earpieces, wireless headsets, computers, laptops, monitors, smart TVs, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, and more.
EMF Radiation Protection devices are designed to target different requirements of users and keeping in mind the vast range of EMF Radiation imitated from a variety of electronic devices. They are categorized as Area Protection, Device Protection, Personal Protection, Pet Protection, etc. Some of the best EMF Radiation Protection devices available for comparison on the Allaboutemf website are:
  • Pet protection devices from Airestech - Lifetune Pet.
  • Personal Protection devices from Airestech - Lifetune Personal, Davinci Medical - Qi Me, eLink EMF Neutralizer - Pendant Protection Device etc, QuWave - Shielding Cap, Davinci Medical - Qi Max.
  • Device Protection devices from Airestech - Lifetune Device, eLink - EMF Cell Phone Protection Device, EMF Harmony- EMF HARMONIZER FOR WIRELESS DEVICES, RayGuard - RayChip 5G Set.
  • Area Protection devices from EMF Harmony- EMF HARMONIZER HOME & OFFICE, QuWave - Triple Tabletop Defender etc.
Cell phones can produce some of the strongest EMF exposure but typically this is only when the cell phone is transmitting so while the EMF exposure is very high is usually is for a short period of time. Cell phone radiation protection devices should be when using the following types of devices:

Cell Phones (all brands), Wireless Home Phones, Walkie Talkies, etc. These Cell phone radiation protection devices devices comes in the form of Chips, stickers, or pendent form and attached directly to your cell phone (or cell phone case) provide a Shield most effective when closer to the source of the EMF and helps reduce the harmful EMF effects next to your head. These Cell phone radiation protection devices can be categorized under Device Protection, Personal Protection devices. Some of the Cell phone radiation protection devices are eLink – eLink EMF Cell Phone Protection Device, EMF Harmony -EMF HARMONIZER+ FOR CELL PHONES AND WIFI ROUTERS, Airestech – Lifetune Device, etc.

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